cm Tube diameter
various entertainment programs

Dear patients,

A high-end 3 Tesla high-field magnetic resonance scanner of the latest design is available to you at the Radiological Center Alte Saline. With this device it is possible to generate high-resolution examination images in a relatively short examination time. The large tube diameter of 70 cm also ensures a pleasant examination atmosphere.

Let us entertain you ...

To ensure that the examination does not take too long for you, the MRI scanner is also equipped with an audiovisual entertainment system. During the examination, you can watch atmospheric video sequences accompanied by soothing music. This means that even patients with claustrophobia can usually tolerate the examination without any problems.

Special examinations

As a special procedure, the Radiology Center also offers MRI examinations of the mammary gland and prostate.

You can find more information about these examinations here:

AI-supported imaging

Our MRI images are generated with the help of state-of-the-art algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI). This leads to even more detailed images and at the same time shortens the imaging time for our patients.